Jessie Coleman Club Cpt 2011

Player Profiles

Aoife  Feely Int Club Captain 2013

Position:Centre back
Ladies Gaelic Football Achievements: 2 intermediate c-ships, 3 junior c-ships (meath)
Toughest opponent:Fiona Mahon
When did you start playing Ladies Gaelic: 1992
Favourite Sporting Moment:Winning intermediate c-ship
Biggest Disappointment:Losing senior semi final
Favourite Ladies Gaelic Players: Juliet Murphy
Most embarrassing moment on or off the football field:Being constantly mistaken for an under 14 player rather than their trainer.
Favourite Food: Chocolate hobnobs
Favourite Ground: Boardsmill Co. Meath
Ladies Gaelic Football Skill: Block down
Person you would most like to meet: Alf Stewart
One rule you would change in our game: None
Influences on your career:Parents and Christine O’Brien

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